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Outplacement Coaching

Losing a job is a stressful experience, no matter what the circumstances. After many years in the same organisation we develop strong ties with our co-workers and leaving a job can feel like leaving a community and losing some part of ourselves. We are all different however, and while some find it difficult to move on, others see it as an opportunity to take a different career path or move up a level.

Whatever the individual perspective, it remains a fact that the transition involves a period of intense change, requiring us to evaluate our options and overcome our fears. Major organisational change is now commonplace in the business world, creating a need for outplacement services to support those affected by change. A common misconception is that outplacement is about finding people new jobs. This overlooks a large part of the outplacement process which involves providing support and training to develop an individualís resilience and ability to successfully negotiate increasingly changeable career paths.

Key Benefits

bulletReduces stress
bulletOvercome fear
bulletProvides support and training to develop resilience

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